Designing, building and deploying customized software the affordable way

Software development using an open source model is becoming increasingly popular with leading commercial and federal organizations. Open source is simply software with source code free for anyone to use or distribute. It provides the building blocks to design, create and deploy high quality and affordable software solutions. In the right hands, an open source approach delivers easily customized, highly adaptable, and wholly owned solutions.


Swifter Deployment / Customizability:
Using an open source approach, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products can be readily adapted to realize shorter deployment timelines without sacrificing quality.

Processing Power:
Frameworks such as Apache Hadoop allow for more storage and greater processing of large scale data-sets on clusters of existing commodity hardware.

Lower Cost:
Save money by reducing or eliminating expensive vendor product licenses, and cut-down on the costs associated with longer development timelines.

If designed properly, open source solutions can expand and scale over time, eliminating supplier or infrastructure component dependencies.

Support Options:
With open source you don’t have to wait on patch updates - you can make them internally as needed. The source code is also available for peer review.

Because there is no dependency on a particular product or infrastructure component, open source software can be attached to legacy systems.

With products developed using an open source approach, you own the solution.