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Website Development
and Marketing

A fully aligned website should be the focal point of your online strategy: aligning Marketing goals to Sales Strategy. And, in the digital age today, everything needs to happen at a click of the mouse. At Orchid, we strive to make it the best business platform for you.

We build new OR re-engineer and re-introduce your web applications, for:
  • A new look and feel- innovative designing
  • Better optimized architecture
  • Scaling up on technology- latest & trending SEO, HTML 5, SASS etc.
  • Lateral shift to different servers, databases etc.

Our Approach

Throughout our full spectrum of services, we employ open source platforms and scalable technologies. Enabling, easy connectivity and cost control, while collecting, maintaining and analyzing data. We can build your website on ASP.Net, Java, Angular JS, PHP, and Ruby on Rails etc.

Our expertise in development, design and analytics offer you the complete gamut of services for Web Marketing. With these you can stay connected with your customers, make new ones, record information and analyze that for making business strategies. Our team of developers and designers help you with:

  • Landing Page and Form Management
  • Data Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Content Management
  • CRM Integration etc.

This means we provide you with full service website design and development. To top it all, we offer you digital marketing analytics, so that you know, what the customer is actually looking for. And, strategize accordingly.

Making a visual communication using text and images to present information is a unique mode accepted by organizations worldwide, when they design their websites. Orchid provides its customers with well laid out websites, which imbibe amongst them a wide range of cognitive skills, aesthetics and crafts, including typography, visual arts and page layout. While we suggest a completely new Website for that forceful impact, we are all open for a makeover to your existing one. For, we believe in utmost customization.

Call us now, to take that lead over your competitors. We guarantee you timely delivery and complete satisfaction.

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