Orchid’s goal is to provide the government and commercial industry with affordable, flexible and secure solutions. Our open-source products can be easily customized and effectively implemented into any workflow process model to empower end user search, analysis, and reporting.
Application Development

Orchid possesses over ten years of experience in developing software/web applications for both government and commercial customers.

  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Open Source
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Hosting Services / Cloud
Reporting and Analytics

Having a clear understanding of context and the means through which data can be presented allows Orchid’s software to distribute information effectively.

  • Descriptive Analytics: Drilling down to a specific subset of data to enable further scrutiny
  • Predictive Analytics: Understanding why things happened to enable forecasting
  • Prescriptive Analytics: Leveraging discovered data to decide what one should do next
Database Management

Orchid creates unique, custom environments that enable our customers to securely and efficiently store and analyze their data.

  • Big Data Architecture & Solutions
  • Database Architecture & Administration
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Solutions
  • Model Building & Analytics
  • RDBMS, NOSQL (Not Only SQL)
Cloud Solutions

Orchid develops custom cloud solutions that can realize significant performance benefits and cost savings over traditional, hardware intensive, on-premise technologies.

  • Flexible Capacity: Capacity is scaled as needed so Customer will only pay for what it needs
  • Low Ongoing Costs: Economies of scale and improved efficiencies drive down maintenance/operational costs
  • No Up-front Investment: Infrastructure investment is replaced by low monthly costs
  • Speed & Agility: Self-service environment enables swifter deployment and eliminates long configuration timelines