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Software Development and

At Orchid, we resonate our presence in software development and networking, by keeping a tab on the benefits they hold to your business productivity. Right from the framework design, processes and methods: all enable operational excellence.

We Understand Your Software Issues
  • Difficulty in Capturing Key Requirements
  • Discrepancy in the Actual and Estimated Costs
  • Volatile Requirements
  • Interoperability across Platforms

What We Do

  • We help you understand your key requirements through multiple discussions. Through our expertise, we try and bridge that gap between your ‘want’ and ‘need’.
    • We move on to develop a prototype for a small segment to understand the correctness and viability, before moving on to the next
  • Working on each prototype, we move step by step carefully aligning your estimates to the actual costs
    • We use Open Source Models to enable affordability and ownership
  • As the need for changes arise, we are there to listen, and to pitch in
    • We keep all the documentation updated with requisite flow diagrams and algorithms; allowing any future changes
  • We use Open Source Models to help you switch platforms easily

Standing on the firm grounds of Java, .Net and PHP, we will help you choose the best software development service, per your business requirement.

While it doesn’t end with Software Development: we also offer maintenance of pre-existing applications, websites, and of course of the ones we develop. Maintenance holds the key essence, for its long term value proposition.

How This Helps You

We work together with all our clients and brainstorm, to find that perfect mix and match of development and maintenance. Our team of experts allow all clients the liberty to ask for different applications on varied platforms; after all it’s about doing what is best for the business. It holds great significance that our domain experts hold decades of experience between them and can help you with:

  • Tailor made software solutions based on varied platforms
  • Multiple development technologies
  • E-Business and CRM Solutions

We take utmost care of the client’s business strategies and the requirements that arise thereupon. There have been various traditional approaches to manage a software project: taking care of the software development life cycle, following the established methodologies, processes, and set models.

As a consequence, we offer
  • The well-established and traditional Waterfall Model along with the more recent Agile, Spiral, Scrum and RUP
Our service portfolio on software development and maintenance offers:

Development, maintenance, project management, process re-engineering and management, quality assurance, IT services management etc. While, our approach to software development is aligned to the standards set by PMI. We, also follow Six Sigma to optimize those process and deliverables.

Our rich expertise and the specialization in multiple applications and technologies, give the clients an option to get their own staff trained on access and usability of the same. So, think no further, and reach out to us for all your software development and maintenance requirements.

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