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Program and Project Management

In any organisation, it is important that projects and programs are correlated and managed by experts, for attain best results. All organisations have to deliver program goals in a cost- effective way and on time. But organisations and their products have grown manifold and have become very complex to manage. Also, with the number of projects increasing every day, the program and project managers have to correlate the data and processes to help develop the products on time. For this reason, companies are stressing on the need to induct Program and Project Management solutions.

Orchid Solutions has experience in handling large and complex projects in most complex and challenging environments. We help companies avoid wasting time on gathering incorrect information, updating and tracking products to be delivered, and struggling to find and solve source congestion. We provide complete Program and Project Management solutions to our clients that are innovative and of top quality. We work with organisations on project definition, inception and execution to ease development of the product. Our Project Management tools ensure that projects are on schedule and within the budget of an organisation.

What is Program Management?

Program Management is a way of overseeing and managing several projects in an organisation. This helps avoiding costly mistakes and increasing productivity unanimously across teams. Program Management focuses on selecting best projects according to their objectives, and those which relate well to an organisation’s strategy. Program Management gives importance to co-ordination and prioritization of various project resources. It is also responsible to manage links between different projects in an organisation and see overall risks and costs of a program.

What is Project Management?

Project Management is an act of initiation and application of methods and skills to achieve goals in an organisation. A project is unique and is undertaken to achieve objectives that are planned by an organisation. The main aim of project management is to attain all the project goals within given time and resource constraints. The project managers of an organisation are responsible for managing different projects and deal with conflicts, interdependencies and knowledge towards resource sharing, amongst different projects. Few different constraints in Project Management are,

  • Scope
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Budget

Essential to Integrate Program and Project Management

It is important to include both Program and Project Management solutions in an organisation to achieve their long and short term goals. Basically, programs are larger and complex compared to projects, as programs consist of several separate projects. Both have to be correlated via a centralised system if they need to be effectively channelized and implemented. To make informed decisions, program managers have to get continuous updates regarding the ongoing projects. And, project managers need to understand what they have to deliver and what the program managers are expecting from them. To achieve desired goals in an effective manner, it is necessary to integrate both Program as well as Project Management in an organisation.

However, the integration should be done carefully to ensure that program managers communicate effectively with the project managers, which is essential to a successful enterprise.

Orchid Solutions has many years of experience in dealing with unique problems in diverse sectors. Our experts are equipped with technical skill sets to provide solutions in an efficient and effective manner. With the detailed understanding of the business requirements, we offer clarity in the management systems. With guaranteed support at every stage, we provide top quality managements solutions at affordable prices. We are strict about deadlines and usually complete the implementation of the solutions before deadlines, more importantly within the budget of an organisation.

Reasons to choose Orchid Solutions

With an accomplished team of experts, Orchid Solutions provide complete management solutions, for companies, which can then focus on developing and delivering the products and services. As companies are becoming more complex with new initiatives so often, it becomes crucial to manage efficiency and productivity at every level. We combine our years of experience with proven tools and methods to ensure that client’s problems are solved effectively.

  • We provide top quality services for implementation of Program and Project Management solutions that are according to industry standards
  • We have highly experienced teams that develop solutions to suit each organisation’s needs and goals
  • Our team of Program and Project Management is equipped with necessary skills to complete the job in a timely manner
  • Our experts work together with customer teams to find appropriate solutions to the problems
  • We have necessary experience and expertise, with back-end resources, to execute critical projects

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