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Department of Labor

U.S. Department of Labor — Case Management System (CMS) Development

Project description: The H-2B nonimmigrant program permits U.S employers to hire foreign workers and perform temporary nonagricultural work, which may be a one-time, seasonal, peak load or intermittent. The process for obtaining H-2B certification is similar to, but less extensive and time consuming, than permanent certification. The new system allows users to enter data received from state and regional agencies. The Case Management System allows end users to process and determine a final decision.

The H-1B Specialty (Professional) Worker program allows employers, or the employer's officials, who intend to employ alien workers for a temporary period in professional occupations or as fashion models, the ability to file labor condition applications (LCAs). The Department of Justice, through the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), accepts the employer's petitions (INS Form I-129) with the DOL-certified LCA attached.

Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Researching, analyzing and resolving the business issues related to the DFLC requirements
  • Analyzing and designing database and application objects
  • Preparing and maintaining project budgets (cost baseline), costs (expense), and project milestone schedules
  • Developing customer support, training plan, and project status reports
  • Scheduling and facilitating project meetings
  • Participating in technical specification creation, solution design, reviews, and distribution
  • Developing database and application security model
  • Implementing encryption to avoid tampering with URLs
  • Implementing Section 508 standards in all the web pages
  • Implementing 6 Key Process Areas pertaining to Repeatable (Level 2) of CMM

Methodology: PMI Project Management Techniques

Tools: ColdFusion 7.0, ASP, J2EE, IIS, Oracle 9i, Windows XP and Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Crystal Reports 10, Active PDF, Adobe Photoshop
Orange County Government

Orange County Government — Assessment Tax System (ATS) Development

Project description: An initiative of the Orange County Assessor Department to re-engineer the county's Assessment Tax by replacing a legacy mainframe ATS application. The ATS enables the Assessor Department to continue to serve the citizens of Orange County, to value all legally assessable property with uniformity and impartiality, to produce assessment rolls of value in accordance with schedules and the laws of the State of California, and to help property owners understand their property valuations.

The ATS Re-Engineering Project transitioned the business logic and functionality of the Assessment Tax System to a more current platform to take advantage of existing technologies and the current and future pool of software development and maintenance resources. ATS II is a modular system that incorporates many new capabilities with the well-established ATS functionality into a more intuitive and flexible user supported interface. The business rules used in ATS are based on business rules that have been proven over the last twenty years to successfully produce the Annual and Supplemental Rolls of Value.

Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Re-engineering the existing legacy mainframe functionality to Microsoft .NET technology
  • Providing a functional, adaptable, maintainable, reliable, and scalable foundation
Methodology: Agile Software Development
Wells Fargo

Project description: Credit View is Wells Fargo’s internal e-commerce application. Credit View is used for providing loans to corporate clients. Business captures all the loan-related details in Credit View using various pages in the application. The manager who approves the loan generates the corresponding loan report to view all the information, and makes the decision.

Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Making enhancements based on market changes and to suit existing business models
  • Converting existing functionality to new design, including table design, data, and reports
  • Designing DataStage jobs, and changing existing jobs to accommodate new enhancement
  • Mentoring new team members
  • Participating in portal design discussion to merge portal changes with database
  • Participating in business team discussion whenever a new design or enhancement proposal happened
Methodology: Agile Software Development

Tools: SQL Developer, DataStage, Oracle, Unix, Perl, Java, Tomcat, Portal

Project description: Art.Com is a community-based website that provides easy access to the world's largest selection of hand-picked art images. It features an unparalleled assortment of fine art, limited edition and exclusive pieces, specialty prints, tapestries, reproductions of contemporary originals, hand painted originals, photography, vintage art and more. Sophisticated mobile and visual search tools enable users to explore Art.com's vast collection of more than one million works and preview artwork on their own walls.

Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Implementing media gallery within site to display all art/posters for sale
  • Programmatically generating image thumbnails for galleries
  • Implementing media upload system that allowed users to:
    • Upload photos to be converted into art/posters
    • Share personal galleries with others
    • View galleries as slideshows
    • Tag/label uploaded images
    • Arrange galleries by dragging items
  • Implementing search utility that allowed users to filter by artist, gallery, and title
  • Indexing and storing uploaded images for future search
  • Testing website across multiple platforms and browsers
  • Integrating Google Analytics service to generate detailed statistics about website's traffic volume, traffic sources, conversions, and sales

Project description: Sirona is a proprietary product/service of Microsoft ITOE services RAPID group. Sirona comprises windows and web-based tools enabling assessment of their client environment on demand. It provides resolutions, and creates tickets in accordance with the issue management workflow process.

Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Participating in process-oriented SDLC as an SDE and team member to perform system study, design,
  • Undergoing knowledge transfer process provided by respective team, system study (including dependencies), requirement gathering through interacting with program/QA managers, middle tier app team
  • Collaborating with stakeholders like PdM, PM, UI/UX, Web Content, dev/QA/release team towards bi-weekly release process (CI)
  • Preparing design review document
  • Developing generic and site-specific presentation layer pages (UI)
    • Created master pages, page-specific and shared views
  • Developing/modifying client-side JavaScript code
    • Used existing framework libraries when possible, and created custom plug-ins when necessary
  • Developing layouts using blueprint CSS and ensuring compatibility with popular browser clients
  • Developing and using controller classes interfacing with modal, including LINQ manipulation
  • Developing and using modal view and implementing custom data annotations for validation
  • Unit testing, peer review, and code coverage tests
  • Tuning for performance, troubleshooting, identifying bottlenecks, optimizing code, and providing artifacts
  • Following process for continuous improvement, best practices and industry coding standards
  • Perform on time code drops to QA environment and make sure that there are no show stoppers
  • Assist team members, leads, and managers towards meeting deadlines and perform project related activities
Methodology: Agile Software Development

Tools: ASP.Net MVC framework 3.0, C#.Net, IIS, XML, LINQ, MS TFS, HTML, HTML5 (localstorage), CSS, CSS-Sprite, JavaScript, jQuery, knockoutjs, JSON, Windows Azure, CodeFlow, Kanban
Alaska Airlines

Project description: Orchid supported Alaska Airlines in the management and maintenance of two of their key web applications:
  • AlaskaAir.com & easybiz.AlaskaAir.com
  • Public facing B2C/B2B ecommerce and airline applications. Allow consumers/corporate users to perform web activities like multi-product shopping, booking/holding reservation, cargo booking, etc.
  • FlyingSocial.com
  • Registered proprietary product of Alaska Airlines to target social media (Facebook) network audience. For app subscriber, at a given point of time it provides all prevailing deals within his/her network.
Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Supporting process to orient SDLC to perform system study, design, develop, maintain, and deliver features
  • Conducting knowledge system study (including dependencies), requirement gathering through interacting with business users
  • Analyzing, estimating, and implementing features described in approved design document or user stories
  • Developing generic or site-specific presentation layer pages (UI), page specific and/or shared views
  • Developing/modifying client-side JavaScript code (using existing libraries, or by creating custom plug-ins wherever required)
  • Developing layouts using custom blueprint CSS, and ensuring compatibility with popular browser clients
  • Interacting with and supporting Web Analytics/Marketing team to get multi-variant A/B testing features using Maxymiser and tracking user/experience metrics
  • Developing and using controller classes interfacing with model, view-model & view includes LINQ manipulation
  • Developing and using view model, and implementing custom data annotations for validation
  • Developing, integrating, and maintaining FlyingSocial following the Windows Azure release process to host app in cloud
Methodology: Agile Software Development

Tools: ASP.Net MVC, C#.Net, IIS, XML, LINQ, Accurev, HTML, CSS, CSS- Sprite, javascript, jQuery, LINQ, JSON, mantis, maxymiser, Sabre (CRS), CMS (SiteCore), Windows Azure, CDN, oAuth 2.0

Processes: As part of Agile Software Development methodology, collaborated with stakeholders like PdM, PM, UI, Web Marketing/Content/Analytics, dev/qa/release team towards bi-weekly release process (CI).


Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Designing and developing DW Data Model and ETL Jobs/Procedures in SQL Server 2000/Oracle 10g
  • Creating a centralized data warehouse by integrating various applications with external data for data analysis, data mining and ad hoc reporting
  • Understanding data flow of existing applications
  • Migrating data from Oracle Data Warehouse and Siebel Databases
    • Scripting for automation
  • Maintaining production environment, and generating various reports to Business when needed
  • Optimizing performance and tuning for database procedures, ETL loads, etc.
  • Providing production support for ETL and DW
  • Creating offshore team
  • Working on models like Build and Maintain, Design, Implement & Support
  • Integrating application with external vendors
  • Coordinating and mentoring various onsite and offshore teams
  • Implementing automated processes to reduce process time and turnaround time
  • Implementing data governance and data security
Tools: SQL Server 2000, Oracle 10g
All Posters

Project description: Allposters.com is an e-commerce company selling Posters in a large scale. This company has Back office support system developed in Visual Basic 6.0. The main modules in the System are Joshua III, Mathew and WOPR. Joshua is used for order management; Mathew is used for item Management; and WOPR is used for viewing the Reports. All the batching functionalities are also implemented in this project.

Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Role-based access control using authorization manager
  • Creating composite UI application block and MVC pattern used for UI framework
  • Designing and developing new databases based on client’s specifications
  • Assisting in definition and implementation of database standards
  • Monitoring databases for errors and performing problem determination when necessary
  • Developing stored procedures, triggers, and SQL scripts for development team using T-SQL
  • Developing WinForms using Infragistics controls like Grid, Tree view, and Window
  • Developing Windows Services to automate tasks and required background functionalities for the application
  • Managing source code using Visual SourceSafe
  • Integrated testing of all functionalities with unit
  • Pushing to production
  • Coordinating with QA team
Tools: Windows 2003 /IIS 6.0, C#, VB.NET, Infragistics, Composite UI Application Block, MS WinForms, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2000, Azman, Smart Client Software Factory

Project description: Rate Request Workflow (RRW) is a work flow tool used by the APL’s Sales and Pricing Team to manage their rate negotiations with customer. RRW helps the sales and pricing team manage the complete cycle of a quote from creation to uploading it into APL’s Rate Management System(RMS). The application is built on Microsoft .NET 2.0 with WinForms Controls in the UI, and MVC pattern is implemented to target different user interface layers such as thick browser based clients and mobility devices. Infragistic control is used on top of WinForms to provide a better user experience.

Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Designing and developing new databases based on client’s specifications
  • Developing WinForms using Infragistics controls like Panel and Grid
  • Identifying performance issues with profiler tools
  • Testing all functionalities with unit
  • Integrated testing
  • Pushing to production
Tools: C#, Winforms, ASP.NET, Webservices, Oracle, nANT Profiler, Infragistics, K2.NET, K2ROM, Teradata.NET

Project description: Mini-Q is the GAP Growth Innovation Digital (GID) production support team.

Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Fixing ad hoc requirements and bug issues in production relating to DataStage
  • Working within BI to enhance existing jobs and add new functionality
  • Making store procedure alterations to accommodate DataStage requirement
  • Working with offshore team, and acting as onsite Data Manager
    • Resolved any offshore issues with database queries, and other questions
  • Identifying and fixing production issues in SQL and PL/SQLs
Methodologies: Gap Analysis and Agile Software Development Tools: Unix/Linux, Oracle, SQL Developer, DataStage, and Espresso Scheduler

Project description: From complex multi-jurisdictional environments to individual agencies, LawRECORDS enables the complete automation of law enforcement operations, records processing and reporting. Powerful, more usable tools streamline the entry, collection, storage, retrieval and analysis of mission-critical data. More accessible, more accurate intelligence gives agencies the power to make informed split-second decisions to effectively protect personnel and communities. LawRECORDS features highly flexible interfaces that streamline records and reporting operations and accelerate user adoption.

Orchid's responsibilities included:
  • Developing software applications in C#, .Net, SQL Server based environment
  • Participating in and providing key input into re-design and development of public-safety-related software applications
  • Participating in and developing system requirement specifications and detailed software design documents
  • Developing and maintaining software applications from software design documents
  • Resolving software defects
  • Participating in design, development and testing of interface, application, and conversion
  • Meeting development schedules with respect to assigned modules.
  • Developing quality software that met specifications and design requirements.
  • Developing data conversion script and software package using SQL, TSQL, PL-SQL, and SQL Server Integration Services
  • Creating special data conversion rules component using C# and Visual Studio
  • Creating reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server, and Stored Procedure
  • Understanding complex customer data structure and providing data conversion planning and strategy
  • Analyzing quality of data using Data Quality Services (DQS)
  • Performance improvement after data conversion using profiling and indexing technique
  • Code maintenance using Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Creating scripts to test converted data
  • Resolving data defects during data conversion
  • Producing detailed documents covering mapping, data conversion process, and scripts
  • Ensuring success of production, data conversion, application deployment, and execution
  • Production support after final data conversion
Methodologies: Scrum and Agile Software Development

Tools: C#, Winforms, ASP.NET, Webservices, SQL Server,DevX Controls, EF4, SSRS, SSIS, C#, SQL Scripts, Visual Studio, Business Intelligent Development Studio (BIDS), SQL, TSQL, PSQL, Server, Oracle, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, Data Quality Services (DQS), SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) and Master Data Services (MDS), Team Foundation Server (TFS)