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Developing applications for the mobiles is not a fad, but a need that arises from the gradual shift in human behaviour. Day in and day out, the existence and utility of mobile handheld devices are on a steep increase. Mobile Apps are rather the best ways to connect with your target audiences. So, for everyone who wants to create a lasting business impact, this be the new way. To this effect, the gamut of applications on our mobile phones just keeps widening.

From shopping, gaming, live camera feeds to networking on social media, everything is possible through a mobile handset. As a consequence, our phones come pre-installed with various applications during manufacturing. Beyond those, other desired applications could be delivered and installed using server side/client side processing.

Orchid Solutions offers a plethora of IT services to both private and government agencies. Our team of experts leading the Mobile App Development domain have experience spanning decades in niche technologies. This is what helps us offer best in class customized mobile applications. We have been receiving consistent success by implementing multitude of projects in the area. Continuously contributing to the space of innovative Mobile App Development, Orchid is bridging the gap between the Web and Mobile space successfully.

How We Stand Out?

Our team of experts churn out Mobile Apps depending upon your need and preferences. When it comes to creativity, you can absolutely bank on us. The team is passionate and in line with the enthusiasm shared by mobile users all around the world.

  • We offer apps with the power to capture users’ attention, offer opportunity for minimum keystrokes, and be to the point, and task oriented
  • Not only do the Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps in Android, Ios and Windows platforms that we build look and feel amazing, but own an absolutely seamless and user friendly interface.
  • We never shy away from the fact that each App built today, needs further development tomorrow. So, we are always prepared to churn out the next scalable versions, as be the need.
  • From perfect code to unique design, usability and eventual promotion, we offer the complete package to all our clients
  • Our Mobile Apps help you drive sales, build customer loyalty and speed up employee trainings

Our Deliverables

At Orchid, we build Mobile Apps for our clients so that they offer and deliver exemplary customer experiences every time. From Web to Mobile, as the journey continues, our Apps allow you to pull all assets (existing and new) into Apps.

Having the best of experts help us to identify the right set of tools to create, manage, deliver and upscale the Apps that you require.

  • As the essential aspect of a seamless User Interface, we ensure the choice of correct context and constraints pertinent to screen dimensions, input and device mobility. Eventually aiming for an understandable and user friendly interface.
  • For the backend processing our Apps ensure easy data routing, complete security, authentication, service orchestration etc. All of these are well supported by Mobile Application Servers, MBaaS, and SOA etc.
  • For ease of the customers and users, we focus on seamless user interface. Some of the prominent platforms that we work on are: Altova, Android, Ios SDK, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone
  • The Front End Tools include UI design tools, SDKs to access device features and tools to accommodate cross platform accommodations
  • Back End Services comprise of Integration systems, User Authentication systems, data services and reusable business logic
  • All apps that we develop come with wrapping mechanisms for security purposes, along with data encryption, client actions and ability for reporting and analytics

So, the Mobile Apps we create for you at Orchid, offer a simplistic demonstration of new age technology. While they own the basic essence of being user friendly, all of them shout out loud with seamless UI and design. Reach out to us now, for complete satisfaction and guarantee of the service quality and delivery timelines.

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