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Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V)

For any organisation, the quality of the product and its specifications are of the top priority. The product developed by the developers of an organisation should meet all the user requirements. Also, an organisation should ensure that the developers, responsible for developing the product, are adhering to the regulations and budgets. For this reason, the companies are looking for ways to achieve this goal of making the product structurally sound and built according to the specifications.

Orchid Solutions, in partnership with your organisation, audit the vendor’s deliverables and the project management processes. When the project is in early stage, we identify the high risk areas. Thereby, allowing you to reduce the risks and prepare for the possible circumstances in the future. We provide physical metrics to ensure you are on the correct path of achieving maximum benefits from your project. We suggest alternative approach during the project so that you can benefit from cost savings, efficiency in operation and increase in the software design quality.

What is Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V)?

Independent Verification and Validation is a systematic approach to find out discrepancies in the product quality and specifications. It is done to ensure that the right product is being built and that the product is being built correctly. IV & V performs reviews and associated algorithms for static verification. It also ensures that all software units are networked as one and working properly for dynamic testing. IV & V contains various managerial, technical and financial activities that are performed to know the status of the project.

Verification is done to determine whether the ongoing project adheres to regulations of the project and is developed according to the plan. Validation is performed to determine whether the results of the project meet the requirements and satisfy the project’s objectives.

Why you need Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V)?

There are various benefits of performing Independent Verification and Validation. The most important part of IV & V is to identify the risk early in the project and let an organisation avoid them or prepare for the risks. It provides project managers with an analysis to deal with the development issues and offers visibility into the progress of the project. It also helps an organisation to

  • Reduce creation of defects
  • Reduce severity of risks
  • Increase detection of defects
  • Increase visibility of the progress

It is very important to realise the defects in the project at an early stage as the cost will only increase at the later part during the implementation of the project.

What does Orchid Solutions do?

  • The accomplished team at Orchid Solutions provide the management and the project team with advice on the status of the project.
  • It is based on industry standards and best practices and helps identify issues that are not immediately visible.
  • We verify that the required specifications are consistent with the system requirements.
  • We verify and confirm that the interface between software and hardware are appropriate.
  • We check that the design is exactly reflected during the implementation of the project.
  • We ensure that the project is executed according to the client’s standards and best practices of the industry.

Why Choose Orchid Solutions?

  • We have technical, managerial and financial resources to perform IV & V in parallel with the process of development.
  • We promote a quality project culture and set consistent standards and practices.
  • Our accomplished team have the ability to reduce IT expenditures and program cost.
  • We analyse and give recommendations for how an organisation can lower the risks in that project.

Orchid Solutions has the expertise in Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V) from years of industry experience. As IV & V are unique to each client, we provide solutions according to the requirements given to us. With Orchid’s technical and solution experience, you get detailed insights into how programs are performing in real- time. We guarantee the support at every stage of the verification and validation. We provide our high- quality services at a very reasonable price and strictly adhere to the timelines.

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