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Healthcare enterprises face numerous challenges while providing quality healthcare to the patients. One of the most prominent ones being the medical team not having access to historical data of the patient unless he visits the same hospital or clinic regularly. This leads to multiple repeat tests for the same diagnosis, waste of time and energy, and increased costs. Hence, it becomes crucial for professionals to use healthcare solutions to make the health information easily accessible to all concerned, understand the diagnosis, and the consequent treatment procedure for facilitating better healthcare outcomes. This is also the best way to increase efficiency through comprehensive and updated information sharing amongst the concerned stakeholders. In addition to empowerment of the patient, cap on costs, and usage of modern technology to its maximum potential.

Orchid Solutions, with an accomplished team of experts, helps healthcare organisations to accelerate their agenda of innovation. We guide them to achieve their goals of improving the healthcare quality and making healthcare affordable. We provide end- to- end healthcare solutions to the hospitals and healthcare professionals. We develop products for resolving numerous problems faced by EMR vendors, HIEs, healthcare professionals and coordinators. We offer innovative and effective healthcare solutions to hospitals, start- up clinics, individual medical practitioners and labs. With our robust technology solutions, we allow health service professionals to help patients be in good health.

How IT Helps Healthcare?

Globally, healthcare providers are striving hard to optimize health outcomes, improve the experience of patient care, and reduce the costs of healthcare. They depend on this integrated data and complete clinical narratives for quick referencing to patients and support agencies. The healthcare providers are eventually bound to technology for driving this change towards complete clinical narratives and semantic lexicon. The integration of Cloud, AI, Machine Learning and IOT will improve the healthcare ecosystem and accelerate digital transformation. The healthcare industry has the highest potential to adopt new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and enhance the quality of patient care.

The technologies used in the healthcare system will help professionals and patients alike. They can benefit from the following services as the global healthcare depends on the technology for improving the healthcare.

  • The patient engagement will help in creating change in behaviour for health optimization
  • Integration solutions will allow all the stakeholders to share information and data about the patients
  • Cloud- based solutions will help the enterprises to store and access the patients’ information without having to spend on infrastructure
  • The healthcare professionals will be able to provide their services from remote locations. This would be done with the help of advanced protocols through smart software so that patients can get better quality of care

Importance of Quality Management

Quality Management is very essential for customer satisfaction and ensures that customers return to the same organisation again, to avail their services. Due to Quality Management tools, organisations are able to formulate and implement new strategies. This is to make superior quality products than their competitors and deliver those products and services on time to customers.

  • Quality Management increases the revenue of an organisation and ensures high productivity
  • It removes unnecessary processes in a project that is of no use in the final result
  • An organisation, with Quality Management Systems in place, experiences an improved understanding of needs of their customers. This eventually makes it possible to provide better services to customers.
  • It streamlines communication within the organisation and allows a better problem- solving scenario
  • Quality Management leads to strong relationship with buyers and sellers and minimal purchase and supply errors in an organisation
  • It also helps companies to keep their inventory according to the needs and not over stock assets

What we at Orchid Solutions Do?

We provide comprehensive solutions to our clients by leveraging technology for enhancing business agility and ensuring in- depth engagement of patients.

  • With our solutions, the patients can access their records at any time
  • We also improvise healthcare outcomes and customise healthcare promotions
  • We provide software solutions that will digitize the helpdesks, thereby eliminating paperwork and reducing costs
  • Our solutions improve efficiency by phasing out maintenance of patient records manually
  • We reduce operating costs and improve utilization of the assets of healthcare enterprises

Reasons to Choose Orchid Solutions

We use cutting- edge technology to develop software solutions for the healthcare industry. We have an accomplished team of engineers, researchers and medical professionals, who work together to make healthcare solutions accessible and affordable. To improve the quality of care given to the patients, healthcare providers have to induct technology. This will help healthcare professionals to concentrate more on patient care and allow the medical practitioners to practice efficiently.

  • We have a unique team for developing and delivering healthcare products and services. They have necessary skills and knowledge in the medical field that helps them develop comprehensive set of solutions
  • We provide online payment tools for improving cash collections
  • We also provide cloud services to the healthcare enterprises that allow them to store health records electronically
  • We deliver tools that can be easily incorporated into the existing healthcare system
  • Our team of experts always listen to challenges the clients face and then develop the solution accordingly by utilizing different tools
  • Our experts have immense experience in development of healthcare products and hence have numerous techniques for problem- solving

As each client is unique and has different requirements, Orchid Solutions work according to their requirements and specifications. Our solutions are effective and efficient as our functional and technical experts work together for best results. We constantly strive to improve our services by working with the professionals in the healthcare enterprises and delivering them the best solutions. With services being offered at affordable rates, we also make sure that our clients get support during and after implementation of healthcare solutions. We strictly adhere to the deadlines and deliver the products with utmost care and privacy.

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