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Enterprise Data Warehouse Solutions

For data driven decision making, it is imperative that data is effectively collected and strategically stored, allowing scope for precise reporting and a thorough analysis, as and when desired. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it at a repository for easy and quick access.

Orchid Solutions provides qualitative and innovative solutions to its clients. We offer end to end solutions for Enterprise Data Warehousing for our customers to store, manage and analyse organisational data in an efficient manner. We have the expertise and sophisticated tools to help our customers use their data for making strategic business decisions. We help them simplify the process of data creation, maintenance, data warehouse expansion and analysis of the data.

Enterprise Data Warehousing

Enterprise Data Warehousing gives an opportunity to consolidate enterprise data from one or more disparate sources. Thus, allowing only correct people to access it at the right time; to measure performance and make effective decisions for their business development. The most important part of the Data Warehouse is that all the data of an organisation is immediately available to the decision makers for the purpose of analysis. An Enterprise Data Warehouse allows you to access all the data that an organisation has; maintaining complete security and integrity.

Data Warehousing helps you organise and analyse data in a unified manner. Without an effective set up of Enterprise Data Warehouse Solutions, businesses would need to have different databases for each business division, stored and maintained separately. Not only will that increase the complexity in accessing data, but will increase the time for analytics and planning. As Data Warehousing extracts data from diverse sources periodically, this makes it simpler, efficient and quicker to access data.

Why Choose Orchid?

We have an accomplished team to handle the development and deployment of data warehouse that makes data easily accessible and ready for analysis. The tools at Orchid are designed to deliver high- performance data queries from diverse sources. The team employs various ways and means for deployment of Data Warehouse and Database for your organisation.

We can deploy the EDW either at your business location on-site or through the private cloud network or through the hybrid cloud.

We help you reduce the costs by automating the workflow, and ensuring that the data is consistent, accurate and synchronised.

Our highly skilled and experienced team can deliver a data warehouse in days, not months because of built- in data quality and enterprise scalability.

The architectural forms of Enterprise Data Warehouse that we offer are,

  • Homogenous- A set of uniform OLTP applications that feed a single EDW
  • Heterogeneous- A set of non-uniform OLTP applications multiple EDW
  • Non- Architected- A heterogeneous set of application databases creating multiple data marts
  • Closed Loop- A set of uniform OLTP applications that feed single or multiple EDW, which write back data into the source feeder systems
  • Federated- A set of uniform OLTP applications that feed subject data warehouse via common staging area

Orchid Solutions holds expertise in installing customized solutions towards Enterprise Data Warehousing for its clients. It is this experience that helps us to understand the strategic concerns and their impact on your organisation. We offer guaranteed support within agreed timelines, at competitive prices.

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