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E-Commerce Development

Dynamic nature of the world economy has forced businesses to think beyond the conventional. The age old brick and mortar companies today understand the need to go online. E-Commerce giants like Amazon and EBay, being true examples. Businesses need to align themselves and abide by what the society demands at different times. When the world far and beyond operates at the click of a mouse, E-Commerce is just a natural progression.

At Orchid, our team of experts work together to offer you the best E-Commerce platform. The developers and strategists work together to understand intricate details of your business requirements. Keeping themselves in the shoes of the end consumer, they also gather expectations from the other end. This allows them a 360 degree view of what they want to achieve through the platform.

Growing Need for E-Commerce

  • Reach of the internet to vast sections of the society, across the world
  • Surge in small and medium scale businesses with complete online presence
  • Decreased domination of brick and mortar companies
  • Online presence is tied up to a company’s brand image
  • Ability to, be online and sell online, allows opportunity to offer 24*7 support to customers
  • Online sellers have the edge to add and remove products and related information dynamically
  • Opens a vast array of business opportunities, simply by being available 24*7
  • Customers can keep track of the shipment of their goods in real time
  • Unlike a brick and mortar presence, E-Commerce retailers enjoy a wider reach when it comes to consumer base

About Us

At Orchid, our team helps you convert visitors to your E-store, into customers. We do this by offering a smooth interface, so that the customer gets to enjoy his/her experience. We have an experienced team of strategists and developers who put on table the best for your business.

What We Offer

We can shout out loud, or quietly work our way to churn out deliverables well on time. What matters is that we act…and act per agreed guidelines. We offer expert consultation and keep our customers in know of ‘why’, ’how’ and what’ from the technical and business perspective.

With every E-Commerce Development project, we ensure delivery of:

Platform Independent Solutions:
This one holds due significance because in the day and age of today, people shop on the go. So, while they do leisure shopping through their mobiles, tablets or laptops, they must get that high end interface. Moreover, the consistency in the interface holds the key that brings customers back to you, each time. Our team of experts leverage their expertise in design and development of various B2C and B2B platforms. They connect with the client, conduct interviews and share suggestions for specific features, per their understanding of client’s requirements.
Scalable Solutions:
We aspire to grow our business, and so do you. We understand that an offering of 100 products today, is surely going to cross the 1000 mark in near future. So would the small customer base. Thereby, we offer scalable solutions at no additional cost.
Ease of Integration:
All our backend processes and website architectures are so designed that they can integrate with new applications. This allows you to work with a small team, while the information flows smoothly across multiple portals, independently. Our team has expertise in offering integrated websites with ERP, IMS, CRM, POS etc.
Content Management System:
Depending upon your business requirements and our expert understanding, we would offer the best strategic advice on the CMS. Commonly used E-Commerce engines being Magento, Shopify, or Custom PHP/ASP.NET etc. All offer different advantages and are scalable, customizable and robust in their own ways. Our expert team of developers, designers, testers ensure that your website is the perfect blend of functionality and usability.
Smooth Search:
While, scrolling through an e-commerce portal that offers thousands of products, the ‘Search’ option is one key feature. It can either strengthen the customer’s experience or make him lose faith. Hence, it plays a pivotal role in the portal’s success. So, we offer a comprehensive ‘Search’ to enhance customer experience, wherein they can even use synonyms to look for a product.
Error Free Payment Modules:
We offer a hassle free payment procedure, running smoothly across different payment gateways. Our solutions in this context are absolutely hassle free, for we do not want you to lose a customer mid-way. The modules offer multiple options for payments and are securely encrypted for utmost customer satisfaction.

We do not believe in making false promises and strictly abide by commitments. This is why we happily boast of 100% customer satisfaction with our solutions. Reach out to us for that perfect E-Commerce market experience for your customers. While, Orchid has already carved a niche for itself in the domain of E-Commerce Development, we aspire to continue the successful journey with you.

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