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Database Architecture and

The current age is the era of information with quintillions of data being created every day. There is no easy way to handle and interact with this huge quantity of data available. This is where the field of Database Architecture and Administration comes into play.

Orchid knows the importance of seamless integration of a database management system into the company’s vast databases. We, at Orchid, take the time to learn the ins and outs, of your company's unique data needs and provide the most efficient and secure data systems. These systems will be equipped to optimize the use of your data to the advantage of all your employees. We understand that the value of data and importance of its security is paramount and always take precautions to protect it.

Database Architecture & Administration

A Database Architect uses programming to create data management systems that integrate, centralize and protect its data. This allows the employees and management to access critical information at the right time. A Data Architect interacts with the IT Team and management of the company to design a strategy that addresses the data processing requirements of the company. Together they find new ways to obtain useful data, evaluate the current data management systems and keep that updated for strategic decision making.

A Database Administrator, on the other hand, ensures that the database runs smoothly. In addition, it ensures that the data remains secure. They fix errors in the database systems, while keeping track of user authentication, user data etc., for the company.

Continuous performance tuning, capacity planning and 24X7 support is a part of their work too.

Our Solutions for Database Architecture and administration:

Database Design:

It is the design of the base data structures, forms and queries used as part of the overall database application within a database management system. It involves determining the data type and the relationship between all the necessary data elements. It then superimposes a logical structure on the data based on these relationships. This in turn, can help you in optimizing your business.

Database Management:

This involves management, modification and monitoring of the database system server (DBS) and its tools based on need. The major processes by DBS include managing user access, maintaining archived data, generating queries and reports and so on. Orchid performs these services for your company, providing constant IT support to correct any errors and helps keep the company running smooth.

Database Security:

Database security is about protecting database content, its owners, and its users. It prevents unauthorized database use by controlling who is allowed access, to what information in the database. The information can be records, data structures, query types, access paths. We help to set access by only authorized personnel and prevent unauthorized viewing/updating of the database. We also set up monitoring to detect security breaches.

What we Offer

  • Optimally designed databases with access to up-to-dated, accurate and well managed information. Thereby assisting strategic decision making. Reach out to us for the best data management solutions
  • Scalable solutions whether you have a multi-functional, vast business or a small business, we offer solutions for any scale of operation with maximum flexibility and customization. Your wish is our command; call us to get your very own customizable seamless solution.
  • Data is treasure and we take care, every step of the way to make sure that the data is well and truly protected. Your data is in safe hands with us.
  • Want some work done on your data management system without having to spend on an in-house system manager, we provide partner advisors for smaller services.

If you are unable to manage your growing business data, or need an update or optimize your data management system, reach out to our experts. We have the most flexible systems that offers an entire Data Management and Security package, Onsite and Offsite data storage facility and many more services. We promise a forward thinking innovative team of experts who will seamlessly interact with your needs and provide your company with the best solutions.

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