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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing services are important for every organisation to accelerate business outcomes, enhance customer experience, and to build their capabilities for future. Cloud Computing is a technology that helps enterprises meet their everyday computing requirements. The solutions of cloud computing include development platforms, software and IT infrastructure. Cloud Computing is basically a way for extending existing capabilities and capacity of an organisation. The components of cloud services are networking, programming languages, servers and software, which are delivered on demand of the organisation. The overall business landscape is reshaped by the digital transformation with Cloud as its core. Hence, various enterprises are choosing the services of Cloud Computing for their everyday tasks.

Orchid Solutions provides Cloud Computing services to all the organisations with cutting- edge solutions. We provide effective and innovative cloud computing solutions to the companies that help them in proper project execution. We have in- depth technology and industry expertise for delivering multi- directional cloud services. This will let your enterprise experience a smooth and continuous cloud journey. With the experience of handling complex and large projects, we allow companies to easily access our cloud services. Our expert solutions help modernize applications and simplify processes of the enterprises so that their business needs are met.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is basically a way to deliver IT services to the organisation, which can retrieve resources through the internet- based applications and tools. The organisations can keep their large files in the ‘Cloud’ that will allow them to save on building and maintaining in- house infrastructure. As long as the organisation using the cloud services has access to the internet, they can access the data in the Cloud. Cloud Computing actually takes all the burden of complex data processing away from the in- house infrastructure, moving it to large computer clusters. Cloud Computing expedites the process, reduces expenditures and eliminates error in an organisation.

Types of Cloud Computing

There are various kinds of Cloud Computing solutions in the form of infrastructure. The organisations can choose the solution according to their requirements.

Software as a Service (Saas)

It is a model that delivers applications on demand of the organisation. They are hosted and managed by the cloud service provider and is a paid model on the subscription basis. It is an advantageous cloud model as it requires minimal maintenance and can be accessed from anywhere.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In IaaS model, the organisations can outsource everything from computing equipment to services and resources like storage, servers and networking. They don’t have to purchase software and servers as they can rent out the required service from the IaaS providers as they own and maintain the equipment.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

It is a very complex cloud model and is similar to Software as a Service model. The basic difference between the two is PaaS does not deliver the software online but it is a platform for creating new software that can be delivered through the internet. The developers can develop mobile and web applications with the help of pre- configured components like application servers and programming languages that are maintained by the service provider.

Deployment Models for Cloud Computing Services

The organisations can choose from various deployment models for Cloud Computing services. They are,

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Combined Cloud

Reasons to Choose Orchid Solutions

We have expertise in providing innovative and unique Cloud Computing solutions to the enterprises. We offer the most powerful and unified solutions for Cloud computing so that enterprises can benefit from lower infrastructure costs. We deliver integrated cloud computing services, thereby allowing businesses to effectively build and manage the work from a remote location. The Cloud collaboration tools from Orchid solutions allow people to meet virtually and work together in real time.

  • Our Cloud computing services are of top quality and are according to the industry standards
  • Our solutions help businesses to scale, manage, optimise and outsource the IT resources
  • We provide all the services, tools and frameworks that allow enterprises to seamlessly transit to the cloud
  • Our developers ensure quality and timely delivery of the projects
  • We strictly adhere to international guidelines and standards while deploying Cloud solutions
  • Our cloud services allow users to store files on remote servers and lets them access those files via internet
  • Along with backend resources, we are replete with expertise as well as experience in executing critical projects

With an accomplished team of experts, we provide comprehensive Cloud Computing solutions to the businesses. Our executives and consultants come from diverse sectors and hence have the experience of dealing with a variety of problems. Before deployment of Cloud solutions, our developers understand the business requirements that help them offer unique solutions. The consultants at Orchid Solutions are technically sound, thereby helping the businesses to integrate cloud applications with on- premises data.

The Cloud Computing solution from Orchid Solutions is very affordable and we implement the solutions within the budget of an organisation. We also provide guaranteed support at all levels of deployment. We strictly adhere to deadlines and timelines and our developers ensure that Cloud solutions are implemented before the deadlines.

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